Asked June 22, 2019, 7:50 PM EDT

My son grew this plant from seed in his Kindergarden class but the teacher did not know what it was. I am looking to identify the plant and whether it is an indoor or outdoor plant etc. Thank you

Isabella County Michigan

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This looks like a bean plant of some sort. If the teacher still has some seeds and you can get a picture of them, it will help ID the kind of plant.

This should go in a large ( about 12 inches deep by 12 inches wide or more) well draining pot( holes in the bottom of the pot) or plant in the ground. If in a pot nake sure water drains out the bottom, and that roots don’t sit in water. Plant it this week, it is in way too small a container right now.

It will want full sun eventually but, because it has been growing indoors, gradually get it used to being in sun over the next week outdoors- give it light shade in the hottest part of the afternoon. Move the pot, or if in the ground you can temporarily shade it with a screen made of light fabric or burlap taped to some poles stuck in the ground. Move the shade so it get more sun every day. Then it can stay in full sun all day.

Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer that lists beans or vegetables on the label, or use a granular fertilizer, and fertilize according to the label on the container.

Keep it moist by watering when we don’t get rain.

This may be a “pole bean” so find a tall stake, trellis, or tomato cage and let it grow up around it. Three tall sticks tied into a tripod at the top and set over the plant will work, too.

Watch for flowers to start, and then bean pods will form from the flowers. When it flowers you can send more pictures to help confirm the identification.

Here is a bean growing information sheet-