Fruit tree chill time

Asked June 22, 2019, 6:02 PM EDT

I have a peach tree, White princess to be exact and I live in Zone 5B and I wanted to know during the winter time will my tree survive because of the fact the chill time is 600-800 hours while my zone usually last about 1200-1400 hours during the winter I think? And I just want to know if it will kill the tree or not. The lowest it’s gotten here recently was -20°F, will it kill the teee?

Will County Illinois

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Thank you for your question. Several sources indicate this tree can withstand USDA zone 5a temperatures (to -20F), so yours should survive. Chill hours indicate whether it is cold long enough for fruit production. Good luck!

Thank you for helping! One more thing I am concerned about is the chill time of tree is 600-800 hours, while my area is about 1300 hours of chill time so will it be ok?

If the tree itself can withstand the average historical low temperature (captured by the USDA zone) the number of ‘chill days’ is irrelevant to plant survival Here is the science: