Is this grass or something different?

Asked June 22, 2019, 4:19 PM EDT

Is this grass? Do animals eat it? Can I use it to make my yard a meadow?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Both of these are grasses. They look like bluegrasses (Poa species). There are several species of bluegrasses in Maryland: Kentucky bluegrass, annual bluegrass, and roughstalk bluegrass are some of the common types.
The seeds have value for wildlife. You could let them grow if you like the look and are not in a neighborhood that has restrictions on meadows/tall grasses. Check with your town's environmental department and/or your homeowner's association (if you have one).

If you are interested in using plants that support wildlife, it is a good idea to use native plants that are adapted to Maryland conditions. Refer to the following article about making meadows using native plants.