Asked June 22, 2019, 4:18 PM EDT

As of last year we have been seeing an invasion of small ( half inch or so) almost golden colored snail in
large numbers.....Never in the 40 plus years living here have we seen them. They have a very thin shell and some days , especially after a rain, it is impossible to walk up the road without crushing dozens of the little blighters...Any ideas about what they might be?....Any web site about Vt, snails seems to have any answers


Caledonia County Vermont

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Hi Caledonia County,
I found many resources on how to get rid of snails, but none specific to Vermont on identification. You could e-mail a digital photo of the snails to, or you could do an internet search of images of snails to try to find a match. I looked and there were many that were gold colored. Good luck to you.

Gina, UVM Master Gardener Volunteer