Few wasps

Asked June 22, 2019, 10:15 AM EDT

Because I am allergic to wasps/hornets, I keep an eye on them. This year, I have only seen a few. Are they as endangered as the honey bee?

Jackson County Michigan

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No, there is no particular problem with our wasp species. Seasonal weather patterns play a big role in determining the population of many species of wasps and bees. Some of the most common species nest in the ground, making them quite susceptible to drowning or having their nests destroyed in springs with a lot of rainfall.

A note on the honey bee-- it is not an endangered species, or even close. Even though the beekeeping industry has struggle for years with hive mortality issues, they are still able to maintains millions of colonies and provide pollination services to agriculture all across the country. It is just costing them more to make it all happen, due to high annual losses of bees.

There are a few species of bumblebees which are in sharp decline, such as the rusty patch bumblebee.