Poultry inoculations for backyard flock

Asked June 22, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT

I would like to inoculate my newly-hatched pea chicks (there are five) against marek's disease and New Castle disease. I am feeding them medicated (with amprolium) chicken start and grow for preventing coccidiosis. The peahen and chicks are in the coop with my small flock of chickens (five laying hens and rooster), and I plan to get a few more pullets, which may or may not be inoculated. Where can I get inoculations locally without having to buy 1000 doses at once? I realize its not the best idea to keep my pair of peacocks with the chickens (I don't have enough room to keep them separately), but they seem to get along just fine. What might I do to prevent diseases, I understand that peafowl are more susceptible to certain poultry diseases than chickens? Are there any other diseases I need to worry about that I can prevent with inoculations? Anything else I should consider?

Howard County Maryland

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Marek's vaccine should be administered during the first 24 hours after hatch to be effective. Try looking online for smaller doses of vaccine as most local stores do
not have the smaller sizes.
The best way to prevent disease is to practice good biosecurity. Here is a link to a video that discusses biosecurity.


Hope this helps.