Building a dahlia flower bed.

Asked June 21, 2019, 4:20 PM EDT

I am going to move my dahlias from my backyard area (trees, shaded, dappled sunlight, mixed sun & shaded thru out day--- planted in natural soil) to a 16" raised bed in area with sun from mid morning to early afternoon. What soil mixture shall i fill bed with? (I have rabbit poop mixed with dropped alfalfa pellets - compost - natural soil with clay - garden bed soil purchased from So. Or compost in grants pass) thanks for your help

Josephine County Oregon

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This OSU publication, tells you what you need to successfully grow dahlias, and it sounds like you have done a good job of soil preparation. The important thing is to have good drainage and light, fluffy soil that will promote a good root system.

The publication also suggests applying 5 or 6 pounds of a 0-20-20 fertilizer (see publication for more detailed explanation of what this means) per 100 square feet, or alternately a handful under and around the hole where each tuber is to be planted. Mix the fertilizer so that it does not come direct contact with the tubers.

Now may not be a good time to transplant, depending on when you first planted the dahlias. If recently, before an extensive root system has developed, it could be done , but be sure to keep moist. Otherwise, wait until the fall frost to transplant the tubers.

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