Arborvitae ( Green emerald) brown leaves and Cercis canadensis brown spots

Asked June 21, 2019, 3:35 PM EDT

Hello there, I received these thujas, arborvitae 'emerald green' with brown leaves, see photos attached. I dont know what this is, a disease, fungi, or what, is it something I should be worry about or discard the plant, or just wait and it will go. I have a young redbud, cercis canadensis, very close by, and it started having brown spots, look at pictures, should I be concerned? Thanks,

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The brown on the arborvitae foliage looks like stressed older foliage that will defoliate and drop. We notice that the arborvitae is still in its nursery container. We recommend that you plant the tree in the ground.
Arborvitae grow best in full sun in a moist well drained soil.
Look at our website for the planting process and post planting care. Monitor the moisture at least once a week and make sure the mulch is no thicker than several inches and away from the base of the trunk.

The damage on the redbud foliage looks physical in nature and does not look like a disease or insect issue. If the tree is still in its nursery container, plant in the ground based on site conditions and mature height and width. They grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade.


Thanks Marian,
We planted the arborvitae already, happy to hear it is only stress, yes, they were in a different home, and I got them to rescue them....
You were very helpful!