Tree boarers

Asked June 21, 2019, 9:39 AM EDT

Hello! We had a pine tree that was diagnosed with tree boarers and it was too late to treat and it recently died. We have since had it removed since we were advised that the boarers could infect other trees/shrubs. Unfortunately I don't know what type of boarers they were. You could see holes in the tree and what appeared to be a white sap oozing from the tree. My question is whether or not the adults may still be active. We have a few river birch trees that need some trimming of very heavy branches that may break off but we don't want to expose them if the boarers are still active. Thank you!! Dawn

Kent County Maryland

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Borers tend to be host specific, meaning each kind specializes in a particular species.
Additionally most are attracted to trees that are stressed by drought, poor planting/placement etc.
So other stressed pines could attract them but your other trees which look healthy, would not.
There is a type of borer that can get into Birch, but it is the white-barked type that is susceptible, not our native River Birch.
This page from VA. Tech suggests the best time to prune Birch is November through January, but August, September and October is o.k. as well:

Here is our page on Borers: