Elderberry losing berries

Asked June 20, 2019, 5:00 PM EDT

Hello, I have 2 large elderberries that have produced fruit in the past. Last year I had flowers but no fruit, --chalked up to all the rain. Thought something was eating all the green berries. This year better, beautiful flowers, but again, I shake the limb and the green berries fall right off...what is causing this? Too much not enough rain? The bush looks beautiful and green. Can't figure it out. My friend living one state over is having the same problems.

Frederick County Maryland

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Hi- elderberry is largely self-fruitful. Flies can help with cross-pollination but pollinators are not essential for a crop. One or more plant stressors may be contributing to the problem, such as excessive soil moisture. It's also possible that your plant needs to be pruned-remove older canes at ground level. This renewal pruning will force up new,productive shoots.