Dwarf Burning Bush

Asked June 20, 2019, 4:15 PM EDT

I was out of town when I returned 6 days later my dwarf burning bush went from green to brownish/gray leaves, Appears something is eating it. Can the bush be saved? Planted in appx 1983.

Ingham County Michigan

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Please send a photo of the leaves close up. When I enlarge the photo , it is very blurry. if you see any insects also please photograph them. Thanks.

Thanks for the additional photos. The culprit is euonymus webworm, a caterpillar that spins webs in the canopy and devours the foliage. You probably didn't see any insects because they have already pupated or hatched into adult moths. see this link for more information and photos:https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/euonymus_webworm_causing_some_damage_to_burning_bush_around_grand_rapids_mi
If they reappear next year, you can treat the caterpillars with an insecticide containing B.t. if they are small, or pyrethrins if they are larger. No need to treat this year- they are already done feeding.

Thank-you very much for your help. It sounds like it will live and I don’t need to cut it down!!

You're welcome. You can trim out the damage and remove the webbing to improve the shrubs appearance.