Ilex glabra leaves turned black and dropped in one day

Asked June 20, 2019, 3:41 PM EDT

A newly planted Ilex glabra died in one day. It was fine on Sunday and then on Monday the inner leaves turned black. The outer leaves stayed green but all fell off the black ones are still attached to the stems. I have kept them watered


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Ilex glabra is such a nice selection, a beautiful plant. I'm sure you're disappointed with the symptoms you've observed recently! The blackened tips, loss of leaves, and overall decline does suggest to me that it might be getting too much water. We've had consistent rain thus far this season, and if you're providing additional water and/or the site is not adequately drained, it' s possible it is suffering from too much water. If you decide to dig out the plant, evaluating its roots will help to determine cause too. Are they healthy looking (nice and loose and/or whitish in color) or not healthy (tightly wound and/or brown, black, sometimes smelly), often from too much moisture. I hope this helps.