cutting lower branches .. dawn redwood

Asked June 20, 2019, 1:12 PM EDT

can my dawn redwoods have the lower branches cut back. they touch the ground and you can't see the beauty of the trunk and possible root balls.
thank you

Geauga County Ohio

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Hi Geauga County, Yes, you can cut the lower branches to limb up a tree. Most people would rather mow under a tree and lower branches are difficult to get around with a mower, riding or push. You should use proper pruning practices to remove the lower branches and not leave stubs. Prune at the branch bark collar or the place where you see the swelling of the trunk and then the branch emerges from that point. It is necessary to leave the swelling or bump of the trunk where the branch is attached. You don't want to leave a branch stub hanging there as that will eventually start to disintegrate and rot and lead to more troubles. I don't think you would ever see root knees on a Dawn Redwood. You might see them on a Bald Cypress if it is in a wet situation.

Yes, the bark on the trunk is an asset and you can prune the lower branches or limb up the tree to get this benefit. Don