Bitter cucumbers

Asked June 20, 2019, 12:04 PM EDT

I read your article about bitter cukes. How dangerous are the effects of having eaten bitter cucumbers? Thanks

Strafford County New Hampshire cucumbers

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Thank you for your questions. Could you please provide a URL for the article you are referencing? Is it this one? Thank you.

Yes the artIcle you referenced is the one I read.

Thank you for clarifying. Here is what the American Chemical Society says:

Hope you find it interesting!

Can you elaborate on people today ingesting bitter cukes, especially if they are not aware of why the cuke tastes bitter, for example children?

Unfortunately, the article and the research done here on the chemical do not extend to the answers you are requesting. I suggest you contact your own county Extension office, where staff may have a nutritionist who can assimilate the chemical information I supplied to you, and give you an answer. Here is their webpage:

Good luck!