Brown Patch Lawn/Turf Disease

Asked June 20, 2019, 10:51 AM EDT

In my lawn I have multiple spots of brown grass that I'm pretty sure are the brown-patch disease. Some neighboring lawns have it as well. I understand this is due to a fungus. If I do no treatment (besides minimizing moisture exposure), how long will it last with our summer weather? I understand it does not kill the roots, so grass will come back, correct? If I use a fungicide to treat - is any one preparation that is preferred? Are multiple treatments needed? What is success rate for treatment? I've never had this problem before - is there a likely source? Thank you. PS - If it matters, I live in Arnold. I can supply pictures if needed, but am pretty sure this is Brown Patch from what I've read.

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Please see the following page from the Lawn Diseases portion of our website: Read that information and then
click on the link to Brown Patch disease.

Brown patch is not uncommon, especially given our weather of late.
It is much more likely if spring fertilizer applications are made. You are correct that most often grass recovers.

We do not recommend fungicidal applications. You will see however, information on severity and management.
We don't know the final outcome or how long it will last, but if needed you can over-seed thin areas in the fall.