Tomato plants with no flowers

Asked June 20, 2019, 10:37 AM EDT

I have 3 out of 15 tomato plants that have no flowers on them. Someone mentioned epson salt but I dont want to damage the plant. They are growing, just no flowers. They are planted near a pine tree. This is my first time growing tomatoes since moving here, I've never experienced this. I am in Hickman city, fulton county ky

Fulton County Kentucky

1 Response

Epsom Salt can will provide Magnesium to the soil. But I am not sure that is the problem. You mentioned that only 3 of the plants were not blooming. If these three are the closest to the pine tree or furthest from the pine trees it could also be a pH issue with the soil. A soil test would need to be completed to check this.

Other issues could be: Different varieties, sunlight, planting depth, fertility of the soil.

Seeing the site location is very beneficial in determining plant issues. If you would like to submit a soil samples for testing ($8/sample) or would like to talk the Ag and Natural Resources Extension Agent please call 270-236-2351.