White oak pathology

Asked June 19, 2019, 2:59 PM EDT

A sixty foot White oak in my backyard leafed out then all the leaves died about 2 weeks ago. There are no special changes to the leaves; just brown. The tree was healthy last year; had no dead branches. No recent changes to area under the canopy, some minor construction about 150 away. The area has been quite wet this year and last. I am especially concerned since there are two more large white oaks only about 10 feet away. However, they show no dead leaves. I would think construction (or poison) would affect them as well; but it hasn't.

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It is possible that the root system was compromised in some way. You mentioned that the area was quite wet this year and last. In saturated soils, roots of certain species cannot get the oxygen they need and they will decline as a result. We have had numerous reports of plants that died because of the extraordinary wet weather we had last year.

You are certainly welcome to get the opinion of a certified arborist who can do an on-site evaluation of your trees. To find a certified arborist near you, you can use the "find an arborist" search on the webpage of the International Society of Arboriculture.