Raised Herb Garden

Asked June 19, 2019, 2:54 PM EDT

Will herb plants survive a MN winter in a raised garden?

Chisago County Minnesota

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Maybe. It depends on how big the raised beds are, how far from the edges of the bed the plants are planted, how cold the winter gets and how much snow cover the plants get. This article has a good discussion of herb gardens in raised beds. Note that this is a Virginia Tech article, which is a couple of zones south of us:

I'd hedge my bets by covering the plants with a thick winter mulch. Leaves work great, but weed-free straw is another choice. In fact, you can bag your leaves, you can toss the bags onto the plants in late fall (around December 1). Then uncover, or pull the bags off, when the plants start to green up, in late March or early April.