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Asked June 18, 2019, 8:59 PM EDT

Hi. We have a 20x25 plot . We used composted manure, topsoil and peat moss to make raised beds. Planted corn ,pole beans, tomatoes peppers yellow and green squash and cucumbers. I have grown those with some success when I did this 25 yr ago. We also planted watermelon and cantaloupe. What do we use for fertilizer ? And when do we do it? I’m not so concerned about the melons as that was rather a lark, but REALLY want our tomatoes, cuc and beans to make it. I have searched and asked about fertilizer and am now just confused. Thanks a lot Lisa Mikles

Howard County Maryland

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Hi- if your plants are growing well and producing flowers and fruits you may not need to add supplemental fertilizer. There may be sufficient nutrients in the soil and composted manure.

If plant leaves are smaller than normal and off-color, or plants are not growing vigorously you can sprinkle a complete fertilizer (contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) around or along the side of plants. The fertilize should contact the soil (move mulch back) and it's best to gently mix the fertilizer into the top 2 inches of soil or water it in. Follow label directions. This "side dressing" with fertilizer is usually done when fruits begin to form.

Have your soil tested to establish baseline values for soil pH and nutrients: