Asked June 18, 2019, 5:04 PM EDT

Why my rose petals have brown top? Why my rose bud are so small, tight and don't bloom? Thank you so much. Bee

Crook County Oregon roses horticulture

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Hi Bee,

Thank you for the question about your roses. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you a definitive answer the question without more information.

To get an answer to your question, I recommend that you call the OSU Master Gardener Plant Clinic at the Deschutes County OSU Extension office. You can call and talk with the Master Gardener on duty at 541-548-6088. You can also send your email and photos to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic email: The Master Gardener on duty will review your email and contact you. The Master Gardener team will talk with you to get more information about your roses, and then do research to provide management options.

You may find the following publication, Roses: Planting and Care in Central Oregon, of interest:

We always welcome you home garden questions at the OSU Master Gardener Plant Clinic.