Asked June 18, 2019, 3:45 PM EDT

I have five acres and last fall I was inundated with animals boring holes in my lawn looking for grubs. When and what should I treat the lawn to lessen this problem come 2019 fall. I assume there is liquid as well as powder products on the market to remove the larva.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Skunks and raccoon activity can be an indication of grubs. If this should occur again investigate the problem areas to see if you truly have a grub problem. Check to see if your turf can be rolled back from the soil like a rug. This is usually in late summer to early fall. Look for grubs in the upper soil surface, you may need to dig with a trowel. If the grub count exceeds 6-8 per square foot, you should consider treating for grubs. It is not necessary to treat your entire 5-acre property with a grub control product. Treat the high-risk areas only such as where they were a problem last year or any irrigated part of your lawn. Adult beetles prefer to lay their eggs in moist soil.
Products available for homeowner application tend to be granular. Grub controls are applied as a preventative (time frame is mid-July through August). Look for a season-long grub control product that contains the active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole (Acelepryn). This product is more environmentally friendly. See our website for more information about grub control: