Can I put my container tomato plants in the garage and/or a greenhouse?

Asked June 18, 2019, 10:37 AM EDT

We've had so much rain lately, my container tomato plants are developing blossom end rot. I put them in the garage 6/17/19 night to keep them out of the rain one more day, but am not sure how long they can stay in there to dry out. The downside is, there is no sun in there. The pots have drainage holes, but they haven't had a chance to dry out in weeks! Secondarily, I was thinking of moving them to a pop-up greenhouse in my backyard to protect them from too much rain in the future, but would still allow them plenty of sun. Is this safe for them? Will their leaves burn? I appreciate your assistance. This is my first year growing tomato container plants and I just don't want to lose them!

Boone County Kentucky

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It has been wet and anything in a container is getting too much water, Putting them in the greenhouse would be best. Tomatoes need full sun and the garage won't provide any. Be careful not to leave them in the greenhouse too long. As wet as they are now container plants will dry out fast. As soon as the rain stops bring them out.