Taeless racoons

Asked June 18, 2019, 7:46 AM EDT

There's a post asking if anyone knows 'why a lot of raccoons in North Bend, Oregon don't have tails" I worked as a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Coquille, Oregon for many years. I've rehabed numerous raccoons when injured or sick. My biggest concern was reading that you or your neighbor feeds raccoons & other wildlife. I need to inform you that racoons, skunks Ect.. all carry a deadly round worm named (Baylisascarisin) which you, kids & others can be infected & there's not a cure. Your pets from cats, dogs, horses Ect..may be infected. The worm is transferred thru the Fecal matter. When they defecate on your porch or in the feed for horses, sheep Ect. You can also be fined for feeding wildlife. Please Stop Feeding raccoons or other wildlife for yours & others health. Oh, if you have cat food or grain please store it in a tight lid container. Goodluck!

Coos County Oregon

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