Oxalis houseplant disease

Asked June 17, 2019, 10:25 PM EDT

I have two old oxalis plants, one with small green leaves and the other with larger green leaves. Both have developed white spots on the underside and top of the leaves and the leaves are crinkling and dying back. I cut them back and repotted the corms. Fresh shoots have developed, but the spotting etc. has started over. i have attached some photos. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. The plants have great sentimental value.

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We viewed your photos and the leaves do not look healthy. We cannot say for sure but you may be dealing with a tuber or root issue. They do not like to be overwatered. The roots are shallow and like to be pot bound. At this point, you will have to focus on proper care.

The plant likes bright indirect light during most of the year. It tolerates full sun in winter if actively growing. Daytime temps should be 65-75 degrees F and nighttime temps around 55-60F. More warmth than this will cause the plant to go into dormancy faster. Keep away from drafts.

Keep the soil evenly moist when actively growing. The soil must be well drained to prevent waterlogging. If overwatered, the leaves will brown. Feed with half strength foliage plant food weekly while growing. Remove spent flower sand leaves.
After blooming, the plant goes into a dormant phase. Gradually reduce water and pull off spent leaves. Once the foliage is gone store in a cool dark spot for 1-3 months. When green shoots appear bring the pot back into a sunny window and begin watering and feeding. See more from Penn State https://extension.psu.edu/shamrocks-as-houseplants


Thank you very much. I will follow your advice and think it likely overwatering is the issue.