Asked June 17, 2019, 6:33 PM EDT

Does your office have a design or plans or know of a manufacturer or builder of greenhouses that will hold up to the coastal weather namely wind. We are somewhat sheltered so a good strong one should be ok at our location. Thanks in advance for you help, Greg, Bandon

Coos County Oregon

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Good morning Greg

I unfortunately do not have a name of a builder or plans for a greenhouse but if you check in with some of the local nurseries or garden supply places they may have some suggestions. I am also including a link for some publications on building your own greenhouse and considerations to take when planning that may be helpful.

I polled my MGs this morning, and although I can't endorse one product over another, i am just giving options that came from them below:

Here you go, Greg:

The name of the greenhouse I purchased from Costco is called Solar Gem Greenhouse. I really like it but may be a little costly. Also it may no longer be available through them but worth calling. It comes in one piece! No seams to ripe apart from the winds. It’s manufactured somewhere in Washington State.~Janet~

Just had a greenhouse built but hasn't seen a winter yet. Contractor has built a few greenhouses from pistol river to Neseka beach. He built one 18 years ago for a lady in pistol River who use to run a nursery and it is still standing and never had a leak! Stick built is not cheap but neither are some of the kits.


We went with Santa Barbara greenhouses for its size. However we also made quite a few structural modifications to improve its strength and integrity. The bracing that was included in the kit was not strong enough and you also have to provide your own center supports. We also choose not to order tables. We asked them to send it to us with the panels preconstructed which was a very good idea. It went together very well and we could do it with just 2 people.

If this person wants to check it out they would be welcome to do so.(I can send pic if you email me at ).

Our Grandio Elite 8x16 is doing fine after 3 years in what I guess would have been wind gusts up to 80mph, but as you know its protected somewhat by the trees. It's bolted down by its metal frame per its instructions to the wooden deck foundation (which probably weighs 300# alone), but I added 8 or so metal straps that attach higher up each wall for added security. The Grandio modular design appears to use similar parts as ours, but I would think a larger greenhouse is going to catch more wind and may be more prone to damage. They don't make wind claims as their kits are built by the customer, and it probably would not be wise to ever buy from someone who claims a wind rating, unless they build it and guarantee it in writing (which would be a surprise if they did). So buyer beware. Feel free to pass along this email, and tell him that he can call me and see ours if he likes. Jeff Richter 34809 Ophir Rd, Gold Beach, OR 97444 775-815-4969 (C)

I’m not an expert, but the greenhouse I purchased for my yard - Grandio Elite -seems to hold up in strong winds. I also purchased and installed brackets specifically for strong winds on my greenhouse: Debbie & Jeff Richter put in the same greenhouse if you’d like to get a second opinion. Pam