Poison Ivy

Asked June 17, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT

Can you tell if this is poison ivy? The leaves alternate on the stem, which is pliable and might be a vine, although growing upright. The stems with the leaves in question seem to originate from the center of a plant, which, is not poison ivy (see photo), but I wondered if the poison ivy was intermingled with another plant. If it isn't poison ivy, any ideas on what it might be?

Thanks very much.

Ingham County Michigan

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No, this does not look like poison ivy. I have attached a link with good photos that should help. At times, poison ivy does act as a vine and climbs up trees trees with prominent aerial roots. The shape of these leaves is too toothed and the arrangement on the stem isn't what poison ivy looks like either.

Thank you for your quick reply and the helpful article. Any idea on what this plan might be? Boxelder seedling? Thanks very much.

Nope, not boxelder either. It is some kind of herbaceous (non-woody plant). it looks like it may have some flower buds developing. If you send in a photo when it is flowering it will be much easier to identify.
Have a look at these pictures once it flowers. I think it may be a wildflower called white avens

I think that you're right. It does look very much like a white avens. I appreciate your help. This is a very helpful service.