Pagoda dogwood dying

Asked June 17, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

Can you tell what's wrong with my little pagoda dogwood? This spring several branches died, and leaves are yellow, brown edges, drooping. All parts have fine white webbing on them. Thank you.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The Pagoda dogwood may have a fungal infection called Golden canker. It is caused by the fungus Cryptodiaporthe corni.The only effective way of managing golden canker is by removing diseased branches. Prune four to six inches below the golden-yellow tissue on each infected branch. To prevent the spread of the golden canker fungus from branch to branch be sure to disinfest pruning tools between each cut by dipping them for at least 30 seconds in a 10% bleach solution or alcohol. Dispose of infected branches by burning or burying them. Fungicide treatments are not currently available for this disease.