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Asked June 17, 2019, 3:56 PM EDT

Do emerald ash borers infect other species of trees? I live in South Carroll and am seeing a lot of trees during with holes in the bark and damage between the bark and the inner tree.

Carroll County Maryland

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No, emerald ash borer do not infect other tree species--just ash.

Any tree that is dying can attract insects. They don't necessarily have anything to do with hastening its death, they are simply attracted to the softer wood or fewer chemicals that normally repel them. After it dies, those insects leave and another crew of insects move it that like to live in or on dead wood. So, the presence of boring holes doesn't mean ash borer.

Many trees are dying from the weather extremes (temperature changes and abnormal rainfall --twice normal last year--for instance), which are associated with climate change. No particular disease or insect has been responsible for the widespread deaths. Blue spruce, for instance, are dying from fungal diseases hyped up by the rainfall last year, though they are not well-adapted here anyway. Even our native Maryland trees are suffering.

Not sure about the "voters".