lead in garden soil

Asked June 17, 2019, 1:25 PM EDT

We recently move to a new home and began digging up the yard to use as a vegetable garden. I had the soil tested and the lead count is 1380. I know I can not grow in it. Since the lead soil is now exposed ( dug up and grass removed), what should I do for safety? Can I put raised beds on top of this soil to grow vegetables? If I can, what do i need to do to protect the soil in the raised beds from contamination?

Ingham County Michigan

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It's good that you had your soil tested for lead since the 1380 is considered high for lead contamination. See the article below for more details on levels of contamination.

Based upon the article below, it appears there are options for you to grow vegetables using soil amendments and lined raised beds.

Hope that helps!