Please tell me how to get rid of these black diseases on our apple and...

Asked June 17, 2019, 11:52 AM EDT

Please tell me how to get rid of these black diseases on our apple and duchess pear trees. Someone has suggested spraying with CEASE every 7-10 days until mid-summer. We have a total of 10 fruit trees and don't want to lose any of them as some are more than 100 years old. Thanks.

Lorain County Ohio

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My name is Ann Chanon, and I an the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator for Lorain County. I need more information before I can recommend a management strategy. You mentioned some of the trees are approximately 100 years in age. How have these trees been managed in the past? Are the trees for production or ornamental purposes? Are the trees on a regular spray schedule? If yes, what have you been applying? Are these trees pruned for production purposes (ie total height less than 15' with central leader training? It appears from the image that you included that the trees are infected with apple scab. Have you seen this issue in previous years and if yes, to what extent?

I read the label for CEASE. It is not labeled for use on apple or pear trees. It is a violation of federal law to apply this or any pesticide in a manner that is inconsistent with the label.

I can be reached by contacting the Lorain County Extension Office at 440-326-5851 or by email at Once I get this additional information I would be very happy to assist you further.