Peach Tree Problem

Asked June 17, 2019, 11:46 AM EDT

An Antrim county resident was in in today with a question regarding her peach trees. She has two in her yard. One started with a growth/blight on it last year. This year it is even worse and spreading to the second tree. She said it starts at the bottom of the tree and works it's way up. One tree is completely covered. The other is just starting to develop the same problem. Can you help identify what is happening to the tree and what she can do to treat it. Thank you for your help. Please copy the reply to this question to my co-worker Gloria at I will be on vacation starting Friday, July 21st through July 1st. Thank you.

Antrim County Michigan

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This disorder is peach leaf curl, a common fungal disease. The severely affected leaves will drop, but otherwise there is no lasting effect on the tree. See the following article.

It is an occasional disease, depending on the spring time weather. Several fungicides are effective but they need to be applied either in the late fall or in the spring before buds start to swell. Here's another article that lists fungicides that are effective.