Tent Caterpillars?

Asked June 16, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT

I have some tent caterpillar-like webs on some cherry trees. Need I be worried or is a benign (but unsightly) insect nest? Please see the attached photo. Thank you, Nick Gelbard Pacific City

Tillamook County Oregon

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Yes, that certainly looks like a tent caterpillar web.

General, these pests are sporadic. They seldom seriously damage a tree. The important exception is a young tree which has few leaves in the first place. A full-sized mature tree typically survives well.

You can remove the webbed growth and discard it or, if it's to high in the tree to easily reach, use a broom ha to rip apart the webbing so that birds can feast.

Thank you, Jean. The nests are really high but I think I can get one of them. The other one, well, maybe I'll borrow a .22 rifle and shoot the little branch off. Having said that, I am really not that good of a shot :)

"On duty" on the weekend! Impressive. Thank you, again.

Nick Gelbard

With only two tents, and just one of those within reach, I wouldn't worry.