growth on blueberries

Asked June 15, 2019, 2:25 PM EDT

Looking for assistance to solve this illness that has attacked my blueberriesh

Washington County Vermont

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Dear gardener,

It appears that your blueberries have a disease known as witches broom, which is a systemic fungal disease. It may be difficult to eliminate the disease, especially if you have balsam fir nearby. The fungal spores get airborne to the fir in the spring and then re-infect the blueberries. The University of Massachusetts has helpful information on this disease which I have linked here for you

If the disease is extensive or has affected many of your bushes, you might consider replacing them with more disease -resistant varieties. If this is not a viable option, try pruning out all the infected branches and fertilizing the bushes to increase their vigor. The guidelines on the following fact-sheet provided by the University of Maryland should be helpful

Wishing you success,

UVM Extension Master Gardener Volunteer