Curling leaves and no bloom on young Honeycrisp

Asked June 15, 2019, 12:05 PM EDT

Hello, we are in SW Minneapolis and have a four year old Honeycrisp that has flowered and produced fruit the past three years. Last year and the year before it was damaged by Japanese beetles. I did cull all of the fruit to help it survive. It did not bloom this year and now has very small and curled leaves. No leaf drop and am not seeing any insects but something is not right.


Hennepin County Minnesota

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Apple trees produce fruit in alternate years. Sometimes the result is no fruit one year, although usually there are a few and the next year will have a heavy crop. Your tree may be experiencing one of several leaf disorders. Scroll down to leaf chlorosis. Did it get enough water during the week of very high temperatures? It had been cold and wet and then suddenly scorching hot. The tree had no time to adapt making dehydration likely. Leaf curl can also be caused by aphids and they can be easy to miss or by leaf hoppers that aren’t always visible.

Thank you this is helpful.

You are welcome. Glad the information is useful.