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Asked June 14, 2019, 8:04 PM EDT

i have a yoshimo cherry tree and I pinched one of the branches and it was solid brown. I dug it up out of the ground and the roots still look good. How can I save my tree? I also replanted it in another place.

Hickman County Kentucky

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Hi there, there could be many factors that are contributing to the decline in health of your tree. Depending on the age of your tree, there are many ways to care for a tree within the first year.

During the first year you should inspect to ensure that:

  • the plant is watered once a week during the growing season when the plant does not receive at least 1-inch of rain
  • depending on the species, protective sprays should be applied at the proper time to prevent opportunistic diseases and insect pests
  • all staking and ties are removed at the end of the first growing season after transplanting
  • mulch is replenished so 2 to 3 inches cover where the roots are growing
  • all mowers and string trimmers are kept away from the base of the plant
  • the trunk is protected from sunscald the first winter after transplanting.
If the tree is reasonable new, it could be in shock from transplant. Be sure to keep an eye out for other symptoms as those could help better diagnose the problem.
Please feel free to reach out to your local extension office for further assistance. By speaking directly with an agent and providing samples and/or pictures, you could better get to the "root" of your problem.


Mattea L Mitchell

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