plum mystified

Asked June 14, 2019, 3:34 PM EDT

I have two plum trees planted side-by-side. One seems fine but the other has branches where all the foliage has wilted & died. It seems to be spreading to other, nearby branches. I think it might be some sort of vascular disease since the remaining parts of the tree seem fine. Can you identify the culprit and/or suggest treatment or corrective action? Other plum trees (3) in the orchard seem unaffected. The attached photos are from different parts of the affected tree.

Lane County Oregon

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This could be do to a number of things but it is clear that there is some kind of damage lower down the tree. The branches broke bud and leafed out but have crashed since that time. There is some kind of interruption to the vascular system somewhere on the tree below these dying branches. Root rot is possible but bacterial canker is common and most likely. You can read about that disease here:

If you inspect the tree trunk it is also possible you might find other reasons for the interruption in water flow. Mouse or vole feeding around the base of the tree is also possible.