Does this tree have a proper straight trunk?

Asked June 14, 2019, 10:33 AM EDT

I recently bought a ginkgo tree (supposed to be the autumn gold male ginkgo tree) that is leaning toward one side. I bought it via online website. The seller claims that the tree is a baby and has no problem to grow straight when I give a good care. However, I am concerned that the truck looks bent, and the seller is lying. Please check the attached files and let me know your opinions. 1) Is it a real autumn gold ginkgo? 2) Does the tree have a straight trunk that will grow upright? 3) The tree has two branches, a thick one leaning side and a thin one going straight from the main trunk. Which one is a main trunk, a thick one or a thin one?

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The natural inclination of a trunk is to grow straight. The large trunk should be fine for you. It is the main trunk or leader.

You can 1. tip the plant slightly straighter when you plant the tree, and 2. stake it for one year (not too tightly) to encourage it to grow straight. And 3. next year, cut off the smaller trunk. Right now, it's leaves are helping to build up the root system, and because it is so much smaller than the other trunk, there is no danger of it out-competing the main trunk. But, ultimately a double trunk is not good for a tree. So, cut it off next year.

We can't discern from these photos whether it is an Autumn Gold ginko or not. It's known for it's fall coloration, which it doesn't have now.