Cabbage Experiment!! June 2019

Asked June 14, 2019, 10:22 AM EDT

So I grew some veggies on my porch as an attempt to see what I would get to grow. So among others I have Cabbage and it’s getting big. It’s next to Zucchini. And it’s not a huge thing I have them in. Could I replant these into the ground where they would have room to excel. And room to spread! Or should I leave them be. I don’t want to lose them? Now could I also just take the thing their in and dig a big hole and put that in and let them grow and then dig my container up when they are done growing later in the year? Thanks Dominick

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania vegetable gardening

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Thank you for your question, Dominick. Since there is a lot of other information that would be helpful to know before advising, I suggest you talk to staff at your own county Extension office. Here is their webpage: Good luck!