Edelweiss grape vines

Asked June 14, 2019, 8:01 AM EDT

My advice grapevines nearly died. I am wondering if I prune them too late. I pruned them in late April before any sign of new growth but noticed some dripping after pruning. My veins are about five years old. By the end of May I noticed that that ends that I had stepped off or turning orange. The vines have died. New growth has come up from the bottom of the vines. Was pruning too late what caused this? Are the vines worth keeping since some new growth is coming? I’m hoping roots are strong and can quickly produce a new vine. I have 10 vines. Thank you for your help

Scott County Minnesota

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Grape vines can be pruned off at the base and still come back. The vines will look fine in a month or so. It will take awhile for the main vine to be as thick as it was again. Grape vines that are pruned to produce grapes are pruned severely. Keep them watered and fertilize them in a couple of weeks. Here is a fact sheet about how to care for them. https://extension.umn.edu/fruit/growing-grapes-home-garden