Ten week old hen limping badly

Asked June 14, 2019, 2:22 AM EDT

Are there any back yard chicken people that could recommend a course of action for a hen that is having problems putting weight on her left foot? I am told that she was vaccinated for Marek's by the store that we purchased her from. Her weight gain is less than the other's her age. The biggest of the flock is one week older than the other three birds. Five weeks ago she was a little bit flighty and may have crashed while being held or trying to hop out of the brooder, it seems like they all were crazy to see outside their box. At that time she coughed a tiny drop of blood and had raspy breathing. After six weeks she went to the coop and we continued to observe her. Around week 8 she was given access to the run and we noticed a minor limp intermittently. This week the limp significantly worsened and is persistent. I live in Eugene and don't know what my local resources or options are. Any advice is appreciated.

Lane County Oregon

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thank you for the picture. I am a little worried that she may have injured herself when she was a chick and the bit of blood and cough are worrisome. There could be a hip injury. Is she eating and drinking normally? Have you gently palpated her hips, legs and feet? Have you visually examined the sole of the foot for injuries. Often if a young bird has problems, it is better to isolate them in a comfortable, somewhat darkened area for a couple of days and observe. Vets can treat chickens, but are usually quite expensive.If it is a foot problem, soaking in warm Epsom salts sometimes is enough. If the condition worsens, write again and I shall refer you to the OSU poultry expert.