Mustard !

Asked June 12, 2019, 4:25 PM EDT

I'm not too old to cut the mustard but I see it is not advised management technique once they get big enough to cut.... Why? I bought a weed whacker with wheels in part for this job thinking whack it down and rake it up. My thoughts were that the advise for chemical control after the plants are taller than 4 inches is to prevent reseeding. But if I rake and gather would that be OK? Chemical controls are as big a bother as whacking, less a bother than pulling and probably less beneficial for the environment. Please feel free to tell me how my thinking doesn't work... Thank you Audra Oliver I'm fine with making this public but please do not put my email out there and best likely to redact my name as well...

Crook County Oregon weed issues

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The main way that most annual mustards spread and reproduce is through seed production. So the key to management is to limit seed production and to destroy any seed that has already been produced. You may do that in a variety of ways...either chemically with herbicides or by physically mowing and removing. Make sure you dispose of the plant material in some fashion that does not just simply spread the problem. Landfill, burn ,etc. I would advise against composting because you likely wont kill the seed.