Where is my grass?

Asked June 12, 2019, 2:58 PM EDT

I have a patch in my front lawn that I've tried everything and grass does not grow. I dug it out because someone told me it didn't grow because it had sand. I have bought and planted new grass and it keeps dying. Every year I go through the same thing. Anyone have any idea what is wrong with my lawn? Please help

Kent County Michigan

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There are many reasons for grass not to grow in a certain area (too much shade, inadequate water, lack of nutrients, contamination, compaction, etc). Answering a few question could help find an answer. What is different about this area? What is your lawn maintenance regimen (e.g.fertilizer,mowing, height, irrigation, weed control)? Is the area sloped. Is it near the road? Is there anything below the area (e.g septic tank)? How shaded is the area? Trees?
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