apple pest identification and organic prevention

Asked June 12, 2019, 12:55 PM EDT

My 8 yr-old Fuji apple tree is being hit b y some bug that leaves very mall brown-black holes in the young apples. I have a photo.
What is this apple pest and are there organic treatments to get rid of it?
Thanks - Brian Barhaugh, Denver

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I suspect that you are seeing damage from hail. You can look for larvae (the proverbial worm in the apple) by cutting that fruit open and see if you can find a pale-colored "worm" with a dark head but they usually enter through the blossom end.

The damage is all around the fruit, not just on top. inside the fruit, it looks like a tiny worm hast burrowed in about 1/8-1/4" leaving a track thinner than a pencil line (significantly smaller than a coddling moth larva).

I recommend you bring a sample into the Denver Extension Office at 888 E. Iliff (720-913-5270) so someone can identify the insect pest that you see. Without identifying it correctly, we can't recommend an appropriate management strategy.