Same type of spider in bed several times

Asked June 11, 2019, 7:58 PM EDT

I have caught this spider on me in bed several times. It isn't every day but usually months apart.

However this last week it has been on my leg 2 times right on a chigger bite I got in my garden.
I freak out and throw the thing accross the room as a knee jerk reaction. Then of course I can't find it after that.
It is black and round about the size of a nickle or quarter.
Kind of hairy but I have never seen any other color on it than black.
I live in Indiana if that helps. I don't think my bug bites are due to this spider but maybe. I assumed the bites were chiggers since I only get them the day after working in my garden. Is this spider trying to catch the chiggers?
The spider does not look anything like the pictures I have seen of bed bugs, plus it is too big.

Hancock County Indiana

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Doesn't sound like a bed bug for reasons you've already mentioned. The chigger is already dead so it is not going after that. It doesn't sound like one of our two poisonous AND hazardous spiders (the black widow and brown recluse) but only a some good pics would determine that (top, bottom and eye arrangement). You can have a house professional sprayed for spiders but that is your call. Have it professionally done though if you do because exterminators use an encapsulated pyrethroid that you cannot purchase.

Hope this helps and good luck.