Cleveland Select Flowering Pear in Chaska

Asked June 11, 2019, 4:37 PM EDT

We purchased this Cleveland Select Flowering Pear tree at our local Home Depot in Chaska about 6 years ago. We don't have a large front yard, but because this tree is semi tall and slender, it fits nicely in our front yard between the house and our street. It's been a really nice tree... grows well and buds out about this time every year. It should be flowered out about now. Instead, it has many buds that have not opened. Some have opened into what appears to be normal leaves, but others have opened and then dried up and died and died. I don't have any reason to think it isn't getting enough water, but I watered it well the past few days - to no change. It looks like it's in the process of dying, just don't know why. The trees been very vibrant and healthy since it was planted. Any ideas?? We would really like to save it! Your help is appreciated. I have a few more photos if you need them. Mike Gilbertsen, (952) 292-9178 - cell

Carver County Minnesota

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Hello. I'm glad you've turned to AaEx.

I looked up the zone for this tree and it is a zone 5 plant so I think you've been lucky for the first few years. Last January, we had a very cold snap with no snow cover to blanket the roots of trees. Even some zone 4 trees are having trouble this spring. You'll see some leafing out but the damaged roots are unable to support those leaves. I would make sure to water it consistently even when mother nature does not provide until the ground freezes in December as long as it exhibits life. Next spring you'll need to make some pruning decisions. Hopefully it'll revive.

On another note: during my research on this tree, you should know that it has been declared an invasive in other midwestern states like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. It may eventually prove to be a thug here in Minnesota. It's too bad because it looks like a nice tree with the flowers in the spring and the reddish leaves in the fall.

I hope this information has been helpful.