Not spraying cherry trees

Asked June 11, 2019, 3:43 PM EDT

Hello, I have two sweet semi-dwarf cherry trees that I planted this spring. They were on sale and I've been hesitant about getting them because I heard they are difficult to grow (needing to spray, etc). One is bing and the other a golden cherry (for straight picking and eating). I don't want to spray them and don't plan on it since I want to grow organically. Are the chances for survival pretty slim if I don't spray them? Also I have a fig tree growing near the cherry trees. If the cherry tree attracts a fungal disease or any other "problems" that cherry trees tend to encounter (disease or insect-wise), will it spread to my fig tree? If I completely leave my cherry trees alone (not spraying), is there hope? I definitely don't want anything to happen to my fig tree though.

Howard County Maryland

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The spray schedule for cherry trees is important if you want to harvest the fruit. The trees themselves will most likely be okay. Although there are diseases like cherry shot hole that can cause early defoliation. The problems that your cherry trees are prone to will not spread to your fig tree. There is no worry about that.
Please refer to the following information from our website on cherries and figs,


I also have a large vegetable garden (tomatoes, asparagus, green beans) as well as blueberry bushes, black berries and a persimmon tree. Will Cherry problems affect any of these?