What is this invasive plant

Asked June 11, 2019, 3:31 PM EDT

What is this invasive plant? How can I eliminate it without harming other plants/beneficial? It has an underground system, and they pop up in a row several feet apart. Thank you

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This may make you feel a bit better about it. It's an orchid. What you have is Epipactis helleborine. It is a non native plant and can be a pain in the landscape due to its underground roots. I have had it for several years in my landscape and am guessing it arrived with mulch. I pull it when I find it but you can try herbicides but always follow label directions and repeat applications may be necessary. If removing them you must get all the roots because it regrows from the smallest pieces. That is difficult to do in a lawn! I've attached a link which you will find informative and useful.
It is a non native invasive plant and listed as such in some states. Here is a link on its distribution.