Cucumber plants

Asked June 11, 2019, 2:47 PM EDT

for some reason I always kill my cuc and squash bueatiful plants and right before spreading I get brown leaves some spots and dragley looking I try.7dust or this year neem oil still no luck help please

Charles County Maryland cucumbers vegetables squash brown leaves possible wilt sqush

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You shouldn't arbitrarily treat your plants with Sevin dust and actually, we don't recommend that it be used. It is very deadly to important pollinators. What you are describing sounds like a pretty common occurrence for both plants. The wilting can indicate squash vine borers or a wilt disease like bacterial wilt.
Please see the following information on both crops, it goes into detail on their problems and what to do about them.
If this should happen again (and it sounds like it has) please send us digital photos of the plants so we can see what is going on.