uniform light brown spots on herbaceous and tree peonies

Asked June 11, 2019, 9:06 AM EDT

Can you please identify what caused the light brown spots on my peonies? These first appeared as uniform, light brown spots on leaves of both herbaceous and tree peonies. The spots are irregularly sized and shaped, some edges rounded, others straight, often bounded by major veins. When I examined them closely, they looked like panes of stained glass windows: the leaf tissue looked dried out and thin and almost translucent. The spots appeared on all peonies even those separated into different beds far apart. Peonies are planted at the edges of the beds. When they first appeared they looked like those in first picture. since then, the edges have darkened and reddened a bit. I'Ve looked at a number of peony and peony disease sites and could not identify them. thanks so much.

Montgomery County Maryland

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This looks like possible spray/chemical injury to the foliage but we cannot say what. Have you sprayed any herbicides/fungicides/ or insecticides nearby? Here is some information on herbicide injury. There is nothing that you can do. The plant needs to grow out of it.