Asked June 11, 2019, 8:57 AM EDT

I have to reseed a large section of my lawn. Went to the home improvement stores and found lots of tall fescues. Extension service recommended fine fescue Is there a real difference? Also lots of those seeds have coatings and other materials. Is it worthwhile to buy those or is it better to buy just the seeds themselves? Lots of reddish soil. Northern Baltimore County Thank you very much

Baltimore County Maryland

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Tall fescue is the recommended grass species for full sun. Fine fescue is recommended for shadier areas. Wait to seed until about Labor Day weekend. This is not a good time. Make sure the seed mixture does not contain perennial ryegrass. Just plain seed without coatings is fine. Also, look for seed in independent hardware stores or farm supply stores. Consider working in some compost or organic matter into the soil before you seed. Also, do a soil test.
The following is the list of recommended turfgrass cultivars,